Framing Ideas

There are lots of options when it comes to framing Alphabet Photogrpahy. You can go to store such as Michael's and purchase an all-in-one custom frame. The cost really depends on how many letters are in your word. A nine opening frame with fancy matting can cost upwards of $200 (ouch) - I'd wait for one of their 50% off deals. If your word is smaller, then you can sometimes find 3-6 opening frames at Walmart but be really careful with them because they sometimes scratch.

An another alternative is to buy individual 4x6 frames from the dollar store. You can mix and match the frames or keep them all the same, but it will cost you a lot cheaper than custom frames! You don't even have to hang them in a straight line!

Anyhow, here is an example of individual frames

Download Alphabet Photography - Framing Ideas - Individual frames